Point of Use Water Meters

Reason for Use (POU) meters are created to give a submetering solution for those qualities that should not be submetered by traditional submeters because of plumbing related designs that deliver multiple water lines into the condominium or business office (loaded risers). The meters have been specifically made for loaded riser plumbing related styles typically present in components that utilize a central boiler to deliver popular water.

In the normal set up really small movement meters are installed inconspicuously on each warm And chilly wall socket for the shower room/toilet, tub and sink recipe washing machine and outfits washing machine. Depending on the producer the flow meters possibly have a transmitter built in or are associated with an interface table/ transmitter. The transmitters statement use information and facts to some key Digesting laptop or computer that therefore forwards the consumption details to your billing middle where by expenses can be printed and sent for the end user.

Equipment and installation costs are typically greater that standard techniques although the payback remains to be usually under a calendar year. When deciding on a POU meter, a main thing to consider should be that the meters can be read by any Computerized Reading System (AMR). This enables the property operator to pick involving several payment firms and will not tie the owner to devices that will just be study by way of a couple of businesses.

Submetering has been proven by numerous studies to lower usage as much as 39Per cent. Even though POU meters happen to be accessible for over decade they have not been commonly used right up until recently. With all the present interest in green solutions along with the ever growing water and sewer costs components that in past times could stop being typically metered are now installing POU meters and benefitting in the same type of utilization reductions that qualities with standard pipes have noticed for many years. Given that approximately 50Percent of apartments and 90% of offices make use of loaded riser plumbing related the benefits of submetering with POU meters have scarcely been touched.

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